DAVE AVAILABLE for Adoption!

Dave is the name and sit for the treat is the game. The rules are simple, you show me a treat and if I...
Bernadoodle in living room

7-Year-Old’s Lost Therapy Dog Found Safe Thanks To Kind Community

7-year-old Liam and his therapy dog named Sully are inseparable. Liam is a pediatric brain tumor patient, so Sully helps comfort him during...

Dog Training Using Food Luring – Professional Dog Training Tips

Dog training using food luring is a common way to create a behavior that your dog finds rewarding. But a lot of people are...

Rutherford County PAWS Overview Rutherford County Pet Adoption & Welfare Services is working in partnership with the community to create a safe, healthy and caring ... source
Two German Shorthaired Pointers

Woman Discovers That Her Dog Is A Secret Cupcake Thief

It’s no secret that dogs love food. They’re always willing to put in extra work just to get a tasty snack. That’s why...